God’s love extends to all people no matter where they live. He has called us to be a Great Commission people and historically, Southern Baptist’s have answered the call by praying, sending, and going. We believe in doing what we can from our small corner of the world to penetrate lostness with the good news of salvation. So we pray earnestly, we give sacrificially, and we send joyfully.

We support missions across the globe through our giving to the Cooperative Program. It is the cornerstone of cooperative efforts in planting and strengthening church in every land and to every tongue. Our financial support is only part of our strategy. We are a called people, and therefore we encourage ourselves to go on short-term international, national, and local mission trips.

In our local area we have several ongoing missional emphasis’:

Community Missions – Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and other forms of community missional engagement is the biblical response of hearts transformed by the Gospel. We support with our time and resources, the ministry of the Metro Baptist Center, Mooresville Churches in Mission, and CareNet Pregnancy Centers.

We encourage our members to actively serve our community and bring the gospel to bear in each and every relationship God has given to us.