First Baptist Church
Friday, December 15, 2017
Reaching People For Christ and Walking With Them To Maturity


Simply stated, our mission at FBC is to make disciples of Jesus and to promote and support their life-long growth to maturity in Christ. (Ephesians 4:12-13) 

We intend to do this primarily by providing opportunities for our members to be taught the Word of God, challenge them to think about how God is directing them to change and order their lives, and encourage them to personally apply their spiritual gifts and resources to further God’s kingdom. 

 Training focus on targeted categories of Disciples

Our plan includes utilization of materials and resources from Matthias Media, a publishing ministry based in Sydney, Australia.  Matthias Media produces curricula, books and tracts which are targeted to the following four categories: 

  • Outreach – Non-Christians with whom FBC can engage with the Gospel
  • Follow-up – New believers with whom FBC can introduce Bible study and funamental Christian lifestyle habits
  • Growth – Established believers with whom FBC can lead to increased depth in devotion and service to Christ and the Gospel
  • Training – Mature believers who are ready to train others to minister to the prior three categories through leadership in discipleship activities
Please visit the sub-topics under this heading for details about discipleship opportunities